Digital trading service in My Evli

You can trade shares, derivatives, warrants and ETFs with Evli Trader. The main markets in the Nordic countries, Germany and the USA will be at your fingertips.

The service includes a versatile and easy-to-use overview page for trading purposes. You can also create an overview page on your desktop that suits your own particular needs:

  • Subscribe to free, round-the-clock share price alerts sent to your email.
  • Follow key financial indicators, such as share indexes, currencies and interest rates in real time.
  • Read the most important financial news and Evli’s comprehensive investment analyses.
  • Make use of a real-time and easy-to-use share price graph which includes technical analysis tools for describing share prices and market trends.
  • Trading Power allows investors to purchase shares with leverage, which provides flexibility in trading and efficiency in utilizing share price movements.


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