Promoting equality at the core of Evli's diversity


At the core of Evli Group's new diversity goals is the promotion of gender equality and cultural diversity. The new diversity goals for more equal representation of genders in business areas, administration, the Executive Group and Board of Directors have been set for 2022.

Evli Group’s diversity is based on its values, ethical principles and Human Resources Policy. The diversity goals provide guidelines for Evli’s diversity and equality efforts and sets a target level for the promotion of diversity throughout the organization.

“We know that diversity leads to a more dynamic and creative working culture, which in turn increases job satisfaction and productivity. We also believe that we are more competitive when having people with different skills and different ways of thinking. Innovation and employee well-being are a prerequisite enabling us to produce better investment solutions for our customers and to be an interesting employer,” Mari Etholén Head of HR and Legal at Evli Bank comments on the diversity goals.

The diversity goals apply to all of Evli’s business areas. The everyday goal of the workplace is to support cultural diversity. Diversity is also taken into account in all personnel management from hiring to career advancement and development. All employees have equal opportunities to advance in their career.

Goals for 2022

  • There are at least 40 percent of each gender represented in expert positions in all business areas
  • There are at least 30 percent of each gender represented in team leader positions in business areas and administration
  • Both genders are sufficiently represented on the Board of Directors and in the Executive Group. In planning the composition of the Board, important factors include members’ skills, experience and expertise to ensure effective performance. Read more about the Board of Director’s diversity policy​
  • In recruitment, the most suitable person for the position is always selected
  • Both genders must be represented in the group of people selected for the trainee program.

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Mari Etholén, Head of HR and Legal, Evli Bank Plc, tel. +358 40 591 0432,