Evli Corporate Bond B reaps Morningstar award in Finland, Spain and France


Morningstar has handed out its annual awards. Evli Corporate Bond B, managed by Mikael Lundström and Jani Kurppa, has been awarded as the best EUR Bond Fund in Finland, Spain and France.

Evli Corporate Bond is a long-term fixed income fund that invests in European corporate bonds with both low and high credit ratings, as well as unrated issues. The average ratings must always be at least BBB-. The fund, which originates back to 1999 - the same year as the birth of the European bond market - has five Morningstar stars. It has been managed by Mikael Lundström since the inception in 1999 and in cooperation with Jani Kurppa since 2014.

“We have for a long time been overweight corporate hybrids and unrated bonds and underweight interest rate sensitive Investment Grade bonds. This has worked excellently. The flexible strategy of the Evli Corporate Bond fund will enable good returns also in the future when interest rates eventually will rise”, Mikael Lundström, Head of Fixed Income at Evli Fund Management Company, comments on the award.

“We are very proud of these acknowledgements. The three awards prove that our long term strategy in the asset class is a good performer. This is also reflected in the consistently excellent ranking of the fund”, says Kim Pessala, Managing Director of Evli Fund Management Company Ltd.

Morningstar measures funds’ achievements over the previous year and evaluates their returns over a longer term, taking risks into account. Morningstar is a provider of independent investment analyses and comparisons, and is best known for its mutual fund star ratings.

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