Evli and Selinca AV have signed an exclusive agreement for fund distribution in Portugal


The Spanish financial company Selinca AV has started distributing Evli Fund Management Company's funds to institutional investors in Portugal as of January 2018.

Selinca provides international managers without presence in southern Europe the ability to access and sell funds to institutional investors in Spain, Italy and Portugal. The company will promote and sell Evli Fund Management Company’s funds Evli European High Yield, Evli Europe, Evli Global and Evli Short Corporate Bond in Portugal.

"Selinca is well known among institutional investors in southern Europe, which is one of the target areas for Evli’s international sales. In addition, Selinca’s and Evli’s operations are based on similar values, evolving around mutual trust and long-term targets. We're delighted to be able to expand our fund sales to the Portuguese market and to extend our co-operation with Selinca" says Petter von Bonsdorff, Head of International Business Development at Evli Bank Plc.

Furthermore, Evli funds are distributed to institutional investors in Spain by Selinca AV, in Belgium, France and Italy by CFJC Compagnie Financière, in Germany by Accelerando tpm, in Latvia and Lithuania by Evernord and in Latin America by BTG Pactual.

Additional information: Petter von Bonsdorff, Head of International Business Development, Evli Bank Plc, tel. +358 (0)9 47669 111