New Evli Digital answers investors’ most important question


How likely am I to achieve my investment goal?

It is the most important question an investor can ask but very few know the answer.

Goal-oriented investing means investing in a way that means you are most likely to reach your goals. It is a simple idea but making it happen requires computing that until now has only been available to a few. With the new Evli Digital service, goal-oriented investing is available to all Evli clients, no matter what size their investment portfolio is.    

Evli Digital makes goal-oriented investing easy. It helps you set your investment goal and then calculates what portfolio would have the highest probability of reaching your goal. 

Test Evli Digital for free (in Finnish)

When you have found the goals that suit your life situation, you can attach them to any investment portfolio you have with Evli. After that, through My Evli you can easily follow how the probability of reaching your goal develops as time progresses and the market changes.

If you want to change your current portfolio based on your goals or set up an entirely new portfolio, this is also easy to do online. And if your goals change over time, the service helps you to update them and change your portfolio accordingly, if needed.

Asset management from EUR 10,000

With Evli Digital, asset management is also available for as little as EUR 10,000. You can choose between discretionary asset management or yearly rebalancing. You can also focus on index and factor funds. 

The Evli Digital service is available in Finnish.

Test Evli Digital for free (in Finnish)