We renewed the structure and content of evli.com


Evli.com's front page has been updated to better meet customer needs and Evli's new more customer-oriented organizational structure. Through the front page, you can easily choose whether you are interested in Wealth Management and Investor services or Advisory and Corporate Services. In addition, to the new front page we have also launched our new Corporate Services entity, including Corporate Finance, company research and incentive program services.

"We renewed our website to make it easier for visitors to find information about our products and services that are of interest to them. With the new Advisory and Corporate services entity we wish to bring forward Evli’s broad knowledge and expertise in serving corporations", says Evli's CFO Juho Mikola.

We will continue to develop the site so we welcome all feedback and development ideas to the address communications@evli.com

For more information:
Mikaela Herrala, IR and Communications Manager, Evli Bank Plc, mikaela.herrala@evli.com, tel. +358 9 4766 9823