Evli advised on the sale of Svenska Brandslangsfabriken AB


Evli Corporate Finance has acted as financial advisor to Nexttobe and the other owners in the sale of Svenska Brandslangsfabriken AB (Svebab), a fire hose manufacturer situated in the town of Skene outside Gothenburg, Sweden. The acquirer is Beijer Tech, a subsidiary to the listed industrial group Beijer Alma.

In addition to fire hoses, the company also sells ancillary products. The fire hose industry is characterized by exacting quality requirements due to the extreme, dangerous situations that arise during firefighting efforts. Having conducted manufacturing operations since the 1930s, Svebab is a leader in the market and the only Swedish fire hose producer. The company generates revenues of approximately 40 MSEK with favourable profitability and exports account for 20 percent of its sales.


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