Fund saving plan's payment instructions are changing May 16, 2016


After May 16, 2016 you will no longer be able to make your fund saving plan payments from your own online bank using a fund saving reference. The fund saving reference starts with the number series 900. Evli’s fund saving account at Nordea (FI74 1200 3000 0101 99) will also be closed. 

You do not need to pay attention to this change if your fund saving amount is automatically debited from your bank account at Evli.

New payment instructions

You will need to transfer your saving amount to the client funds account at Evli using a personal portfolio payment reference. The investment amount will automatically be debited from this bank account on the investment plan due date.

Find your personal payment reference in My Evli or your client agreement, or by contacting the Investor Service.

Evli’s client funds accounts for the money transfers


FI83 2400 3800 0273 16


FI88 5723 0220 4710 85

Danske Bank

FI04 8000 1101 1547 80


FI22 6601 0002 1637 31


FI39 3636 3002 7547 11

Verify your fund saving account number and due date

Please verify your investment plan due date and investment amount in My Evli. Note that if you have for example any unpaid service fees, the payments will be debited from your account in order of due date. The fund saving amount will not be paid if there are insufficient funds in your bank account to cover the payment.

Close inactive fund saving plan

If you have any inactive fund saving plans, please close them in My Evli in the Assets at Evli section

Investor Service is here for you

The Investor Service is happy to answer your questions Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on the number +358 9 4766 9701 or by e-mail at