Morningstar: Evli has the best Finland Equity fund


Morningstar has handed out its annual awards for Finland’s best funds. Portfolio Manager Janne Kujala’s Evli Finnish Small Cap was the winner in the Finland Equity category.

The fund, which has been managed by Janne Kujala for over ten years, was also awarded top spot by Morningstar back in 2012. The fund was then called Mutual Fund Evli Finnish Equity.

“We are proud of this award. Thanks to our long-term work, the Evli Finnish Small Cap fund is one of our most successful funds. At Evli we focus on creating clear investment strategies for our funds and we have a disciplined investment process,” says Lea Keinänen, Head of Evli Funds.

This time, funds sold in Finland received awards in seven categories. Morningstar measures funds’ achievements over the previous year and also evaluates their returns over a longer term, taking risks into account. Morningstar is a provider of independent investment analyses and comparisons, and is best known for its mutual fund star ratings. The Evli Finnish Small Cap fund has a full five-star rating.

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