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Investment research company Citywire has ranked Evli seventh in European equities expertise in its global comparison of fund management companies. This ranking entitles Evli to Citywire’s highest Platinum rating in European equities, which was achieved by just 2 percent of the 354 fund management companies included in the comparison.

Evli retained its Silver rating in global equities. Silver and higher ratings (Gold and Platinum) were awarded to just 12 percent of the 653 fund management companies included in the comparison. Evli’s expertise in European corporate bonds was ranked 30th out of 130 fund management companies and was awarded Citywire’s Bronze rating.

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Source and copyright: Citywire. Fund Group Evli Fund Management have achieved a Platinum Rating in the sector Equity – Europe, a Silver Rating in the sector Equity Global and a Bronze Rating in the Sector Bonds – Euro Corporates by Citywire for their rolling risk-adjusted performance, across all management teams in the sector, over the period 30/6/2008-30/6/2015.

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