Finnish fund manager in European top three


Evli is the first Finnish company to win a nomination from Morningstar for best European fund manager. The winners will be announced at the Morningstar European Fund Manager of the Year awards. Mikael Lundström, who is Evli’s Head of Fixed Income and also fund manager of Evli European High Yield and Evli Corporate Bond funds, was nominated for best fixed income manager.

This is the fifth time Morningstar has nominated candidates for its fund manager of the year awards. Mikael Lundström was nominated in the European Fixed Income Manager of the Year category.

European funds are rated by 30 independent analysts at Morningstar. Their rating is based on very stringent criteria and a five-pillar ratings methodology. In addition to conventional return performance, the criteria include the parent organization’s stewardship of unit holders’ interests, the performance of the fund management team, the strength of the overall process, and costs.

“I am very pleased about Mikael’s nomination. He is supported by a very capable fixed income team. Whoever the winner turns out to be, earning a place in the top three European fixed income managers is an amazing achievement and, considering the criteria, an important acknowledgement of the high quality of work we do at Evli,” says Maunu Lehtimäki, Evli’s CEO.

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