Recognition from institutional clients


Institutional investors have ranked Evli as one of Finland’s most widely used and highest-quality institutional wealth managers in 2012.

SFR Client Survey 2012 Finland, by Scandinavian Financial Research

Evli secured second place in overall quality out of the top 12 asset managers in Finland (mutual funds and segregated asset management), in a client survey conducted by Scandinavian Financial Research (SFR). In addition to this, Evli was awarded the “Gold Award” by SFR. Evli received particular praise for its customer service, long-term investment performance and ability to take a market view.

According to the survey, Evli is one of the most widely used asset managers among Finnish institutions: approximately half of the investors interviewed use Evli as their asset management or mutual fund partner.

In the annual survey conducted by the independent SFR, about 100 of Finland’s largest institutions compare asset managers. In the study, investors assess the quality of asset managers and funds with 14 quality criteria. SFR’s institutional study is highly esteemed among professionals in the investment sector. Participants include insurance companies, pension institutions, charitable organizations, and cities.

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