Subscriptions & redemptions


  1. Using My Evli. Enter the bank and fund service online and make your fund subscription using the My Evli service. Your subscription will appear in the My Evli portfolio within 1-4 banking days. You can also make a subscription for a future value date (max. 1 year).
  2. Using the Investor Service. Make your subscription using the Investor Service and pay for the subscription with your own personal payment reference number.
  3. Via your Contact Person. Institutional clients can contact their own contact person and give payment instructions. The subscription will be paid, using your own payment reference number, into the Evli Bank account.

Instructions for money transfer

Redemptions and transfers

  1. Using My Evli. Redemptions can be made using My Evli (only the funds’ B units).
  2. Using the Investor Service
  3. Via your contact person

Fund units can be redeemed, partially or wholly, on each banking day. Redemptions are made at the value of the unit confirmed for the transaction date, if you submit the redemption order before 12:00 noon Finnish time (with the exception of Evli GEM, Evli Japan and Evli Global). Redemption orders submitted after 12:00 noon will be transacted at the value of the unit confirmed for the following trading day. If a printed fund unit certificate has been issued, please deliver it to the Investor Service along with the redemption order.

The redemption will be paid, according to your request, either to your Evli bank account, or to another bank. The assets will normally be available on the banking day immediately after the redemption date, or on the following banking day.

Transfers from one Evli fund to another will be implemented in the same way as for redemptions and subscriptions (less the fees).

Fund saving at a minimum of 50 euros/month

Enter the bank and fund service online and make your savings plan at My Evli. Fund saving payment is charged automatically from your Evli bank account on the due date.

Which funds can be used for fund saving?

Corporate bond and other fixed income funds
Evli Corporate Bond
Evli Emerging Markets Credit
Evli European High Yield
Global equities
Evli Europe
Evli GEM
Evli Global
Evli Global X
Evli Japan
Evli Nordic
Evli North America
Nordic equities
Evli Finland Select
Evli Finnish Small Cap
Evli Swedish Small Cap
Factor funds
Evli Equity Factor Europe
Evli Equity Factor USA
Emerging markets
Evli Emerging Frontier
Asset management funds
Evli Finland Mix
Evli Global Multi Manager 30
Evli Global Multi Manager 50

Trading in fund units is not possible if the fund’s principal market place/places is/are closed due to local religious holidays or bank holidays. On such days, transactions will be implemented on the following trading day. The calendar below shows the known dates on which trading will be interrupted. However, sudden, unforeseen circumstances can also cause temporary interruptions to the processing of the transactions of one or more funds.

Evli's Funds' Trading Calendar 2019