Derivatives and ETFs

For demanding institutional investors.


Through its international partners Evli can trade listed derivatives and ETFs at very high volumes with tight spreads. Market making creates liquidity for Nordic equity derivatives. We provide a professional and rapid service with a view. We present the background for market movements and help you choose the right products and strategies for your needs. The market view of our strategist is issued once a week.


We focus mainly on listed index, equity and interest rate derivatives. Our selection also includes listed commodity derivatives. We can offer the best added value in high-volume option strategies. We can quickly provide a price for a tight spread with high volume, particularly with liquid underlying assets. The best prices are compiled from many operators and the trades are made with or without a delta. Our market making offers liquidity for low-volume Finnish equity derivatives. We are a member of OMX and Eurex, and have direct contacts with the following derivatives exchanges: CBOE, CME, ICE/IPE, LME, MEFF, NYSE Liffe, OSE, SGX, HKG. Through our networks we can get a price for almost any derivative listed in the world.


We execute your trade in liquid ETFs using the latest trading tools and algorithms. With illiquid ETFs we quickly and transparently subject our comprehensive AP network to competition for your benefit. The trade is commission-based. We always try to find the best product for your needs without favouring certain issuers or market makers. Our product selection includes all ETFs listed in the USA and Europe, and professional investors can view these on the internet or in our ETF handbook.

Explore the key investor information documents before making your investment decision

ETF key investor information documents (KIID)

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Up-to-date forms of trading and traditional brokerage for institutional clients.

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Structured solutions

Investment alternatives issued by Evli or tailored with partners.

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Corporate bonds

We serve companies with our selection of Nordic and illiquid corporate bonds.

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Evli's successful funds in different asset classes.

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