Responsible operations

Evli wants to be an interesting investment, both from the perspective of dividend income and increase in value. Evli avoids unnecessary risks and concentrates on moderate, long-term growth and development. These goals are supported by continuous efforts towards cost-efficiency, investments on growth and strong solvency. Responsible operations create long-term value for the owners and improve the ability to react to the opportunities and risks arising from economic, social and environmental megatrends.

Every quarter, Evli publishes information on its financial development and operations for investors and analysts. The Annual General Meeting gives Evli’s shareholders the opportunity to pose questions to the company’s executives and the Board of Directors. During 2017, Evli started to plan the new ESG reporting. Evli aims to publish even more information on its corporate responsibility and its development from the perspective of clients, owners and investors. The first corporate responsibility report is scheduled to be published in 2018.