Responsible employer

Evli’s success is based on the professional skill of its employees and their ability to create new solutions for the benefit of the clients. Evli’s services are provided by skilled employees. Particular attention is paid to the hiring process as well as developing and maintaining the motivation of the employees to ensure that the best experts in the business are available to serve Evli’s clients.

The skills of motivated and committed employees support the execution of the company’s strategy and goals. As a responsible employer, Evli wishes to ensure equal treatment of the employees, work well-being and provide an opportunity to continuous learning and development. In 2006, Evli established the Evli Academy that provides training for the employees. In 2017, Evli held approximately twenty events that support the employees’ development and well-being. Furthermore, Evli launched a training program with Aalto University Executive Education that will run until 2019. The program seeks to train the employees in an increasingly rapidly changing world to face the challenges of the digitalized environment.

Evli treats all employees equally, irrespective of their gender, age, ethnic or national background, nationality, language or religion. The company offers equal opportunities for all in recruitment, promotions and development. Furthermore, women and men are offered equal opportunities to combine working and family life.

Evli seeks to offer its employees a good working environment that promotes well-being at work and helps the employees to thrive. Job satisfaction and well-being at work are measured annually by means of an employee survey and smaller in-house surveys. The results drive further development of the work environment and work methods.

In 2017, Evli carried out a new employee survey created by Corporate Spirit. The new survey contained questions that corresponded better to the company’s needs and reflected Evli’s values and focus areas. 93.2 percent of the employees responded to the survey. The results indicate that Evli’s key strengths include its recent development and future prospects. Furthermore, trust in Evli’s Executive Group was at a high level. Areas needing development were internal communication and awareness of the company’s values and goals. In addition, the employees wished for more support in learning new things and individual development. These are areas which Evli will focus on in the next few years. Based on the results of the employee survey 2017, Evli was rewarded with the Finland’s Most Inspiring Workplaces 2018 acknowledgement.