Responsible community member

Evli wishes to be a responsible member of the society and is committed to taking into account both the direct and indirect environmental impact of its operations. As a bank and investment services company, Evli’s primary task is to offer investment and financial services that help private persons, institutions and companies to achieve their financial goals.

Evli’s operations are always based on good governance, legislation and official regulations. Evli’s head office is located in Finland, and the company also has branch offices and subsidiaries in Sweden and the United Arab Emirates. In each country, Evli pays its taxes in accordance with the local legislation.

As a bank, Evli plays an important role in preventing money laundering and funding of terrorism. For this purpose, Evli has clear operating instructions that apply to the entire personnel. The employees also receive annual training. Training in 2017 concerned the prevention of money laundering and funding of terrorism, customer due diligence and the MiFID II legislation. Evli has also adopted an active role in developing the regulation and good operating practices in the industry.

Evli wishes to increase environmental awareness among its clients and employees and offer services that help to mitigate harmful environmental impacts. Thanks to continuous development of digital transaction channels and opportunities afforded by new technology, Evli can offer new forms of services that have a smaller environmental impact than before. Among the aims are reduction of paper consumption and replacing traditional paper letters with emails and online services. For example, the clients and other stakeholders can receive reports, bank statements and market reviews via the My Evli online service or by email.

Shared responsibility for the environment

Evli’s headquarters in Helsinki has been granted the right to use the WWF Green Office logo and the office has also been awarded the LEED Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, one of the world’s best-known green-building certificates. The company is committed to reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of its offices and paying attention to the environmental impacts of waste and consumption of paper. Since 2013, Evli has succeeded in reducing its energy consumption by 30 percent for example by improving the electricity consumption habits in its offices. Paper consumption has decreased by around 50 percent. Unnecessary travel is avoided by favoring telephone and video conferences. In addition, the employees strive to reduce their ecological footprint in their everyday work.

Promoting growth and entrepreneurship

Due to its entrepreneurial background and skills, Evli is able to support entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurship in society. Evli is a long-time partner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year program that seeks to promote Finnish growth and family entrepreneurship. Evli also offers its experience in Kasvuryhmä, a group that supports Finnish entrepreneurship, and also participates in the Yrittäjästä omistajaksi (From entrepreneur to owner) group that offers help to entrepreneurs that are transitioning from being entrepreneurs to owners.

In 2017, Evli honored the centenary of Finnish independence by participating in the national Nuku rauhassa (Sleep peacefully) campaign jointly organized by defense organizations and companies. Another action related to the centenary of Finnish independence was participation in Finland’s largest ever volunteer work campaign, in which all Evli employees had the opportunity to spend one working day carrying out volunteer work of their choice. Among the volunteer work options were donating blood via the Finnish Red Cross, distributing food aid in Finland via Hurstin Laupeudentyö, a humanitarian organization, and donating clothes and other necessities to children of low-income families.