Evli’s clients and understanding their needs is at the cornerstone of its business. Evli’s primary responsibility is to increase its clients’ wealth based on the clients’ individual goals. Evli’s client relationships are long and based on mutual trust and ethically sustainable business.

Evli´s Responsible Investment annual report 2018

Evli’s values and transparency at the core

Evli’s development and business opportunities depend not only on the clients’ trust, but also on the trust of the employees, owners, investors and society. To maintain and strengthen this trust, Evli must be proactive, transparent, highly ethical and responsible in all its operations.

Evli’s responsibility stems from its values: entrepreneurship, valuable relationships, continuous learning and integrity. These also form the foundation for the ethical principles which direct the actions of Evli and its employees and which guide the company’s relationship with its clients and stakeholders.

Evli acts responsibly towards its employees, owners and the society, and takes responsibility factors into account in its investment operations.