Strategy - Simply Unique

Evli’s long-term target is to be a growing and profitable bank specialized in investments, which consolidates its position as a leading asset manager in Finland and engages in expanding international operations. The cornerstone of Evli’s strategy is to harness the company’s unique investment expertise by pursuing carefully defined strategies across an extensive geographical area.

International growth with carefully selected fund products

Evli has successfully established itself as a leading asset manager among Finnish investors and one of the biggest fund houses in the country. About 60 percent of Finnish institutions use Evli’s asset management services*. Given the substantial share of the domestic market and the small size of the market, international growth is a natural objective for Evli. The company enjoys all the necessary competitive advantages to increase its sales to international investors. Sales in the Nordic countries are managed by own offices in Helsinki and Stockholm. In other countries, such as Central Europe and Latin America, sales are handled locally by carefully selected partners.

Growth is sought through thoroughly selected fund products with a crystal-clear strategy, excellent historical return and which are large enough in terms of the amounts of capital to be invested. Particularly in Central Europe, Evli benefits from the image of reliability and transparency associated with Nordic countries. Compared with international fund houses, Evli is small to size. This enables agility and more personalized service including direct contacts with portfolio managers and short response times.

New and more comprehensive product and service offerings

In the Finnish market, Evli’s strategic priorities are to consolidate its position as the leading asset manager for high net worth individuals and institutions as well as to extend the range of products and services available to existing clients. The offerings will be extended by alternative investments products intended for private individuals and institutions, and developing the comprehensive range of services provided for corporate clients.

Demand for alternative investment products has been growing for some time now. This is supported by several long-term trends, such as urbanization and a growing interest in alternative energy sources. Aside from the alternative investment products offered to international investors by Northern Horizon Capital, an affiliated company, Evli seeks to expand the range of these products available to Finnish investors.

The efforts to develop the range of products intended for corporate clients are based on the creation of a unique system geared to increasing shareholder value. Companies are offered both corporate advice and services related to M&A activity, as well as management of incentive plans and corporate analyses. The strategy is to increase sales of these services in Finland and Sweden by demonstrating the benefits of an integrated, comprehensive range of services to clients.

Digital service models to respond to market development

Evli’s business environment is becoming more and more digitized. As a result, clients are increasingly looking for digital solutions for the selection and use of investment services. Digital tools are also needed for day-to-day operations in the investment business. Evli’s competitive edge relative to large operators is its higher agility to adjust to the fast-changing operating environment. At the same time, Evli is able to allocate more resources to digital systems than smaller competitors. While ensuring the scalability of its operations, Evli is also investing heavily in the development of digital services side by side with more traditional service concepts. To guarantee its long-term competitiveness and to improve profitability, Evli will also focus on process automation, software robotics and the utilization of artificial intelligence.

Creating a superior customer experience

Evli’s vision is to ensure that it is perceived as “simply unique” in offering a high standard of service and an unsurpassed customer experience 24/7. Focus on customer experience is a key element of Evli’s strategy. The aim of the development of product and service concepts is to offer clients more flexible services with regard to individual needs and requirements. The key products and services consist of innovative institutional products and services and a sound corporate culture which is based on Evli’s values are entrepreneurship, valuable relationships, integrity and continuous learning. These values and Evli’s Ethical Code of Conduct serve as the guiding principles in the management of client relationships.

Customer experience is measured and monitored using internal and external indicators. On the Private Banking side, customer experience is assessed by means of indicators that measure the expertise of Evli’s employees and the quality of the service they provide. The findings are used for developing customer service, reinforcing client relationships and implementing Evli’s strategy at client meetings. The customer experience of institutional clients is monitored by third-party companies such as TNS Sifo Prospera and SFR Scandinavian Financial Research. According to the surveys, Evli is the best and most used asset manager in Finland. The company is committed to maintaining and reinforcing this position.

Responsibility is an integral part of Evli’s strategy and day to day operations. Responsible investment and responsible operations are a significant competitive advantage for Evli. Therefore, Evli wishes to strenghten its corporate image as a responsible company. Evli’s goal is to improve its responsibility on a more systematic basis.


*TNS Sifo Prospera External Asset Management 2017 Finland and SFR Scandinavian Financial Research Institutional Investment Services, Finland 2017.

Updated: March 11, 2018