Diversity policy

Evli Bank Plc's Board of Directors approved the Diversity policy of the Board of Directors of Evli Bank Plc on December 13, 2017.

Size of the Board of Directors

According to Evli’s Articles of Association, its Board of Directors must have at least four and no more than eight members. The Board members are elected by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and their term ends at the conclusion of the first AGM of the following year.

The number of Board members may vary due to many different reasons. There are deemed to be a sufficient number of members when the Board members represent an appropriate combination of continuity, experience, competence, vision and diversity of backgrounds and the Board can reliably meet the needs of Evli and its business operations and fill committee seats. However, the Board should not have so many members that the number presents an obstacle to active debate and dynamic decision-making. The actual size of the Board may from time to time be affected by the availability of competent candidates and the resignation of existing members.

Independence of the Board

All Board candidates must submit their own assessment of their independence to the Board once every year. In addition, the company also evaluates the independence of all existing members based on documents in its possession and, when needed, using public documents in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code issued by the Securities Market Association in 2015 or other applicable regulations.

Election of Board members and composition of the Board

The major shareholders of the company prepare a proposal on the composition of the Board for the AGM. The Board members should be elected so that the Board will be as diverse as possible and support Evli’s business goals and meet the following principles:

  • The Board as a whole must have sufficient competence and experience to be able to carry out its duties diligently and efficiently, taking into consideration the type and scope of the company’s operations and its strategic goals and the changes of business and the rest of society
  • The members of the Board should have complementary training and skills and experience in areas that are important to the company
  • The members of the Board should have experience of Board work and executive duties in business or other areas of society
  • The Board should include both men and women as far as is possible
  • The Board should also be diverse in terms of ages and number of terms.

In addition, in accordance to the Corporate Governance Code persons elected to the Board must be able to use sufficient time to carry out their duties.

Diversity goals and their monitoring

Evli’s goal is to ensure that its Board is as diverse as possible. Its members should have experience from different sectors and diverse educational backgrounds. They should also have executive level experience either from Board or executive group membership. The goal is also that both genders are represented on the Board.

The Board annually evaluates its own activities, working methods and diversity and its progress towards its goals. Achievement of goals is reported annually to in the Corporate governance statement.

Updated: February 14, 2018