Corporate Governance

Evli’s decision making, management and operations are guided by the company’s values and internal operating policies. Evli Bank Plc and its subsidiaries are governed in compliance with the company's Articles of Association and the rules, instructions and provisions of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki and the Financial Supervisory Authority and the obligations regarding listed companies laid out in Finland’s Limited Liability Companies Act, Securities Markets Act and other legislation.

In addition, Evli complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code approved by the Securities Market Association. More about the code can be read at

Articles of Association

Governance structure

The ultimate decision-making power in Evli Bank is vested in the General Meeting, at which shareholders participate in the steering and supervision of the company. General Meetings are held at least once a year.

General Meeting of Shareholders

In addition to the general meeting of shareholders, Evli’s governance structure comprises of the Board of Directors and the CEO. In the operative management of the company, the CEO is assisted by the Group Executive Team.

Board of Directors

Executive Group

Evli Bank’s Board of Directors is primarily responsible for the Evli Group’s risk management, and confirms the risk management policies, the Group's risk limits and other guidelines governing how risk management and internal oversight is to be organized.

Risk management and internal audit

Corporate Governance Statement

Evli publishes its Corporate Governance Statement annually.

Corporate Governance Statement 2018 (PDF)

Corporate Governance Statement 2017 (PDF)

Corporate Governance Statement 2016 (PDF)

Corporate Governance Statement 2015 (PDF)

Information updated: February 13, 2019