Evli's story

Our business has grown since our year of foundation in 1985. During the years there has been many changes, but our business is still based on the core values of entrepreneurship, customer focus and our willingness to constantly develop.

Focus on online services

Launch of new mobile application allowing asset management clients to monitor their investment funds.

Evli begins offering the sustainability theme funds of Swiss fund and asset management company RobecoSAM with exclusive rights in Finland.

Work proceeds on Evli’s strategic “Simply unique” project. The aim is to simplify the investment processes experienced by clients and to increase the quality and uniqueness of the service for the client.

Evli strengthened its position in Western Finland by acquiring a 90 percent stake in Aurator Asset Management.

An electronic discretionary asset management service called Online Banker was launched. Online Banker makes discretionary asset management services available to a wider clientele, as it caters for investment sums of EUR 30,000 and upwards.

Cooperation with the Nordic private equity firm, Primus Ventures Oy, was launched after a 25 percent stake was acquired in the company.

Evli focused even more on online business by launching the My Evli service as a replacement for EvliNet, which had been set up many years earlier. The Evli Trader service, which allows clients to trade independently, was also launched at the same time.

In order to support derivative operations, Evli acquired a 70 percent holding in KKM Partners, a company offering share and interest rate derivatives services. Evli also sold the Evli Property Investment real estate fund operations to the Danish company, BPT Asset Management A/S. At the same time Evli acquired a 50 percent stake in BPT Asset Management.

Evli became one of the leading investment banks in the Russian mergers and acquisitions market. Based on the number of deals (1-9/2010), Thomson Reuters placed Evli third and Mergermarket fifth in their rankings.

Evli was ranked third and presented with the Russia Mergers & Acquisitions Award in the category of investment advisors in the Russian mergers and acquisitions market in 2010 by the Russian Mergers.ru research institution.

Evli signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investing.
In the spring, Evli launched its PS-Eläke long-term saving product and its trading and research service for ETFs.


Growth in Finland and abroad

Evli acquired the entire share capital of the Swedish Erik Penser Fonder AB from Urdar AB and gained x mutual funds. In October the asset management operations of Carnegie in Finland were acquired and a co-operation agreement on the representation and sales of Carnegie’s international funds in Finland was drawn up.

Evli became a shareholder and member of Burgundy, a new marketplace for Nordic equities.

Evli improved the availability of its asset management services in the Pirkanmaa region by opening an office in Tampere.
Evli acquired a 49.9 percent share in Avanko Oy, a company offering advisory services in mergers and acquisitions in Russia. The company has offices in St Petersburg and Moscow.

A systematic growth program, the very capable skills of its personnel and favourable markets all contributed to Evli Bank’s excellent performance. Revenue increased by over 40 percent and profit by 110 percent.
Evli launched four new funds and established Finland’s first real estate equity fund in the healthcare sector. A joint venture, Evli Alexander Management Oy, providing Finnish listed companies with management services for share-based incentive programs, was founded together with Alexander Corporate Finance Oy.

The Baltic subsidiary Suprema Securities changed its name to Evli Securities AS.

Evli established an office in Warsaw, Poland. During the year, several new funds and Finland's first real estate equity fund investing in the Russian real estate market were successfully launched. Maunu Lehtimäki was appointed the new CEO replacing Henrik Andersin who became Chairman of Evli Bank's Board of Directors.

Evli again excelled in international comparisons: the average star rating of its mutual funds was the best among Finnish fund management companies, its investment research was ranked as the best in the Nordic countries, and the Suprema Securities subsidiary received the Best Equity House award in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and the Best Investment Bank award in the Baltic countries.

Evli developed its capital investment operations: Suprema increased its stake in Baltcap to 80 percent. Evli was the first in Finland to launch a real estate equity fund in the form of a limited company, and the first in Europe to launch a corporate bond fund investing in Russia. The services offered by the Wealth Management unit were expanded to include lifestyle services, as reflected by the American Express card, for example.

Online and international operations

International distribution channels were strengthened. The organization was streamlined into three business areas: Wealth Management, Markets, and Corporate Finance. The business areas were organized into international teams working in close co-operation.

Evli acquired Suprema, an investment bank operating throughout the Baltic countries, and the Arthur Andersen Corporate Finance unit operating in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Full banking services were commenced, and electronic banking services to support asset management were launched.

Evli was among Europe's most successful asset managers in the Morningstar competition, ranking 11th, and was the only Finnish asset manager to rank among the top 25.

Evli Life Ltd, an insurance brokerage firm, was established to support asset management. Evli expanded its operations to the west, with a branch office focusing on equity brokerage and asset management being established in Stockholm and Evli Inc, an investment company, being established in San Francisco.

Seven of 16 IPOs on the Helsinki Stock Exchange selected Evli as their primary advisor.

Rapid growth continues

Evli became a member of the Eurex derivatives exchange and the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The company's market share in HEX (Helsinki Stock Exchange) was 15.13 percent, and it already had nearly 250 employees.

Equity sales were expanded to cover Western Europe and Nordic equities. Nordic Partners, Inc., which provides services for North American institutions, was established together with the Swedish E. Öhman J:or Fondkommission and the Norwegian Sundal, Collier & Co ASA.
Evli became a member of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The Rahasto-osakeyhtiö (Fund Management Company) was merged with Evli Asset Management Ltd.

The online EvliNet service, providing equity trading, analysis and reporting services, was launched for clients.

Evli Corporate Finance, which provides advisory services in mergers and acquisitions, was established. Several new funds and the corporate bond concept were launched. In a plan of action extending to 2001, Evli’s three business pillars were outlined: corporate finance, asset management and brokerage (equities, stock options and bonds).

The company started to focus on back office services, legal support services and online services.

Evli Asset Management Ltd was established around the Investia team. Evli started offering asset management to entities and high net worth individuals.

A full-time CEO takes the reins

A new fund, the Evli Global fund, was launched together with the Swiss bank, Lombard, Odier & Cie. A permanent CEO post was established, with Henrik Andersin being the first CEO. Carl Ahlström left the partnership, and the company bought back his shares.

Evli Rahamarkkinat Oy was established. The company was managed by Klaus Jäntti and Stefan Skrimsjö who both held a minority stake in the company. Evli became the first private fund management company to be appointed an authorized market maker of benchmark government bonds by the Finnish State Treasury.

Evli participated in the battle for the control of the United Paper Mills company, and found a friendly Swedish owner for Cultor.

At the beginning there were four friends

Evli employed 15 specialists. Evli Fund Management Company Ltd was established and its first fund, Evli Select, was a success as it accumulated EUR 16 million in capital . The fund still exists and operates under the name Evli Finland Select.

Derivatives brokerage was commenced and Evli Options Ltd was established for this purpose. Evli moved into the Hermes building at the Aleksanterinkatu 19 address.

Evli rejected the buyout offer of Alfred Berg Securities from Sweden. The company’s offices were moved to the Aikatalo building on Mikonkatu street. Systems planning began and Evli acquired its first computer, a second-hand Olivetti.

Evli Securities Ltd was established and business was started at the Kaivokatu 10 address. The long history of joint ownership between Carl Ahlström, Henrik Andersin, Roger Kempe and Thomas Thesleff started with the acquisition of a non-operating company called Evli (a so-called “desk drawer company”). This was done because registering a new business area for such a company was faster than changing its name. The word ‘EVLI’ is a combination of the first two letters of the original founder’s granddaughter’s given names – Eva Lisa.

The motto at that time was: “If Keitele and Tommila can do it, so can we!”