Local expertise - global service

Evli Awards Management’s service combines a Nordic issuer’s special expertise and local knowledge of the local legal environment with a genuinely international and multilingual service package for globally dispersed holder and participant groups.

EAM offers share-based incentive system management as a comprehensive outsourcing service. We take all hedging, insider, reporting and taxation issues related to regulation into account.

Our service covers all share-based arrangements from stock options and share ownership plans to share saving programs covering the entire personnel, and board of directors’ remuneration.

One-stop-shop for all incentive services

The service selection includes versatile and tailored banking, back office and help desk services, accounting and reporting services for IFRS 2 expense recognition, and management, hedging and execution services for stock options and share ownership plans. Therefore, the entire service chain is available to the company from one place - from planning incentives to the participants’ asset management.

We offer our services in accordance with the client’s wishes from individual calculations or valuations to comprehensive outsourcing of incentive systems. In outsourcing, EAM takes responsibility for all actions up to the liquidation of the incentive – taking into account increasing regulation, including hedging, insider, reporting and taxation issues.

Tailored custody and brokerage services

As Evli Bank’s tied agent, we can include the required banking services in the package:

  • Issuer’s principal and back office services
  • Subscription location (stock option programs)
  • Custody services, including book-entry accounts internationally and setting up an electronic customer relationship
  • Brokerage services and electronic orders through the portal

Help desk and holder communication

In order to ensure  successful communications in the incentive program, we offer a comprehensive communications package:

  • Help Desk telephone and e-mail services in three languages to the program’s holders and the company’s officials
  • Info sessions, webinars and conference calls
  • Preparation and distribution of information materials (e.g. practical instructions, Q&A, presentations, brochures and forms)
  • Multimedia tools, e.g. instruction videos for holders

IFRS 2 measurement and expense amortization

We offer an accounting and reporting service that is compliant with the IFRS 2 expense standard from measurement to amortization. The reporting fulfills the duty of disclosure, and its purpose is to explain the following to readers of the financial statements:

  • The nature and extent of share-based incentive systems in use
  • The method of calculating the fair value of share-based incentive systems and the assumptions and parameters used in calculation
  • The effect of expenses recognized on the basis of share-based incentive systems on the company’s financial statements

Electronic incentive service portal

We maintain a real-time service portal that we offer to participants in incentive programs and to the company’s officials on a SaaS basis

  • Available for use globally 24/7 
  • Holder interface in 17 languages
  • Receipt, approval, monitoring and liquidation of incentives
  • Digital material bank, including Evli’s extracts, reports and analyses
  • Electronic orders directly to Evli’s trading systems (sales, subscriptions, sell and subscribe “cashless exercise” orders)

Confirmation and hedging of share deliveries

We ensure that the share commission is carried out with a separate share portfolio that also enables hedging against exchange rate fluctuations:

  • Financing the acquisition of treasury shares (Limited Liability Companies Act, avoiding treasury share bureaucracy)
  • Hedge cash flow expenses against share price rise, also including the cash portion if desired
  • Clarity with respect to insider regulations, no holder-specific transactions

MAR services

We implement manager reporting, in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation, with respect to incentives:

  • Identification and monitoring of managers subject to MAR
  • Reporting to Financial Supervisory Authority within three days
  • Stock exchange release drafts to the company within three days